Nos complace anunciar las fechas de apertura de recepción de contribuciones para el 4to Congreso Internacional de Areas Marinas Protegidas IMPAC4

Recepción de contribuciones / Receipt of Contributions  20 Febrero/Febreury – 20 Abril / April 2017

Deliberación Comité Científico / Delibersation Scientific Committee 20 Abril / April – 20 Mayo / May 2017

Comunicación de Resultados /Communications of Results 20 Mayo / May – 31 Mayo / May 2017

La recepción de contribuciones será SOLO en forma electrónica, a través de nuestra página www.impac4.org


Lunes 4 de septiembre
Ceremonia de inauguración del IMPAC4

Martes 5 de septiembre
Temas generales (General themes): MPAs in a Changing World
Subtemas (Subthemes / Streams)
• Climate change (impacts of CC on MPAs & MPAs as monitoring tools)
• Managing ocean acidification in MPAs
• Resilience and ecosystems services (opportunities arising from MPAs)
• Using MPAs for fisheries recovery
• Adapting to natural and anthropic disasters through MPAs
• Climate regulation via marine conservation
• Latest impacts of El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on MPAs

Miércoles 6 de septiembre
Temas generales (General themes): MPAs & Coastal Community Development
Subtemas (Subthemes / Streams):
• Private sector development & MPAs
• Indigenous communities & MPAs
• Impacts & opportunities of small scale fisheries in MPAs
• Assessing Territorial User Right Fisheries (TURF) efficacy
• Educating marine conservation in MPAs
• Women & MPAs
• Valuation of ecosystem services beyond economic value (in terms of community development)
• MPAs: helping conflict resolution, or increasing them?

Jueves 7 de septiembre
Temas generales (General themes): MPA Effective Management
Subtemas (Subthemes / Streams):
• Lessons, challenges & opportunities with technological tools
• Sustainable development initiatives involving MPAs
• Capacity building for MPA management
• Governance solutions & challenges
• Applied science for management
• Financial management of MPAs
• Surveillance and enforcement techniques

Viernes 8 de septiembre
Temas generales (General themes): Common Strategies & Capacity-Sharing on MPAs
Ceremonia de clausura del IMPAC4
Subtemas (Subthemes / Streams):
• Assessing advances towards global 2020 & 2030 targets
• Capacity needs on global reporting, assessing and reviewing strategies
• Capacity-sharing among MPA stakeholders
• Partnering for solid MPAs
• Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) & MPAs
• Youth-based collaborative action for MPAs

Temas transversales (Cross-cutting issues)

Engaging the Young
MPAs in polar & subpolar ecosystems
Remote large MPAs & MPAs in high seas
MPAs in densely populated areas
Communicating the relevance of MPAs
The role of MPAs in reducing the impacts of natural disasters & protecting ecosystem services

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    Lobo Común

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    Pingüino de Humbolt

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Welcome to IMPAC4 2017 Chile!

Chile will have the privilege of hosting the 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress, IMPAC4, which will be held in La Serena-Coquimbo from September 4th– 8th, 2017.

We extend a warm welcome to all MPA friends and practitioners from across the world!

In this opportunity, we are happy to launch our official IMPAC4 Chile 2017 website that will provide the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) community, the basic information about the congress.

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Marine Protected Areas are extremely dynamic and energetic environments where humans meet the ocean. Fishing, aquaculture, tourism, recreation, navigation, sailing and scientific research are just a few of the activities that take place in MPAs. Given the complex nature of MPAs, participants from multidisciplinary backgrounds will reconvene in La Serena, Chile for IMPAC4, an international conference with a program that covers a wide array of topics, including management tools, conservation biology, ecology, fisheries, climate change, monitoring, enforcement, community development, communications, education, business administration, and much more!

During four full days, plus an initial welcome evening, recent activities and trends in MPA management and science will be presented and discussed. A more detailed program will be available soon once principal topics and streams have been defined.

In addition to the day to day topics of the program, IMPAC4 will provide opportunities for networking and collaboration among participants over the cross-cutting themes, such as:

  • Engaging youth in MPAs;
  • Communicating the relevance of MPAs;
  • Challenges for MPAs in polar & subpolar ecosystems;
  • Large and remote MPAs
  • MPAs in the high seas
  • The role of MPAs in reducing the impacts of natural disasters

Available soon

Contact us:

For logistic information, please contact us at impac4@mma.gob.cl

For visa requirements please visit http://chile.gob.cl/en/

For media queries related to the IMPAC4 congress 2017, please contact:  impac4@mma.gob.cl

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